New Product Information

  • MS09.001L.P5B61R
  • E4C.2K35.12Q.06
  • Connector


    A ultra-thin、ultra-tiny、high-temperature and impact-resistant profile of micro switch model, which with the stroke feel is comparable to common mouse and keyboard micro switch, meanwhile the life of ultra-mini micro switch is increased to more than 20 million times, and draws support from our professional design and customized materials and technology to greatly reduce the possibility of double-clicks on a single click, also to ensure the high conduction performance、the waveform curve of pressing force and feedback force is in decent consistency.


    The ultra-thin encoder integrated tactile switch , with our patented unique design, fully automatic high-precision assembly and testing equipment to ensure the excellent performance of this encoder's rotary performance. It‘s rotary feel and db value are explicit which can be regarded as highly consistency , additionally it fully meet the design and use trends of today's thinner and smaller wearable devices.


APPLY to RoHS and HF and REACH